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Sunday July 15th 2007

Audiopollen Social Club #25

THE FOREST 7pm–10pm,

124 boundary st west end, BRISBANE

Another unbelievable night of music from Brisbane and around the world taking place AT NO CHARGE in the intimate surrounds of the concrete Forest, in chilled-out-but-not-completely-wasted, West End.

This week APSC hosts an ELISION preview session, featuring two of the worlds finest radical saxophonists, a special performance of the music of Maverick composer John Rodgers, plus two local artists at the opposite ends of the electro-acoustic improvisation spectrum.    



WOW! One of the finest free improvising saxophonists to emerge from Europe in the past 30 years. Totally, utterly unmissable event and another highpoint for our little social club. Drones, circular breathing, buzzes, wrirrs, alien harmoics, multiphonics, rainy gargles and pure sculpted tones, and back again, within a single phrase. 


"In the world of saxophone music, players using extended techniques to make unusual sounds with the horn are common, but few have established a voice as original as John Butcher's. His saxophone acts as an extension of his own voice as he employs such techniques as growling and flutter tonguing to make his saxophone talk, sing, cry, whisper and laugh. What is more impressive is how he has incorporated all of this into a musical language that is both complicated and accessible. One of the central figures in Europe's avant-garde music scene."





TIM O'DWYER (Melbourne/Singapore)


Tim returns to APSC after his stunning solo (and duo with Jim Denley) a few weeks ago. Those who were there will know he is one of the most powerful and original saxophone players in the universe. A member of such groups as Bucketrider, Elision and currently lecturer in Jazz at LASALLESIA College of the Arts Singapore, this sunday Tim will once again be jamming in a vegan cafe.

 and further..... 

Richard Haynes performing John Rodgers 'Ciacco' (1999)

"sounds good to me" - joel.




Hetleveiker (Brissy)

bonkers processing of broken banjo twangs and feedbacking noise shards. Always a highlight. And winner of the 'most unreadable website ever' award.


Michael Norris (Brissy)

Our favourite slinky/inflatable hotdog virtuoso is at it again. Beeps, bleeps, burps, and freshly soldered joints. "Australia's most underrated electronic artist" - joe musgrove (and he may be right).