c08 pd vst plug-in
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pd vst plug-in





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Plug-in I built with J.Sarlo's Pd-VST to use inside Audiomulch.


Similar to js_mini_sample vst, or ioplong relofter by andreas.

Samples audio, plays forward/alternate between loopstart & loopend,

control pitch/speed, also has Delay effect controls. plus Scratch feature - (scrubbed buffer sequencer)

screenshot ........


DOWNLOAD here pd-sussV2



This pd vst plug-in was made possible thanks to Joseph A. Sarlo

and of course Miller Puckette and all programmers of externals.


Download Pd-VST from: http://crca.ucsd.edu/~jsarlo/pdvst/

**PdVst- VST - Pd bridging plugin

Joseph A. Sarlo





contact - forbes_mitchell [at] hotmail.com ..